WHMCS PRO v3.18.002 – SoluteDNS Documentation
WHMCS CE v0.18.001
May 16, 2018
WHMCS PRO v3.18.003
June 16, 2018
Product Release Date
SoluteDNS for WHMCS – Professional Edition 3.18.002.beta May 18th 2018


#275 – BUG: Service Edit hook triggers SQL Error Column not found.
#276 – ENHANCEMENT: Updater: Check if file system is writeable.
#277 – BUG: System requirements check forces Mcrypt.
#278 – BUG: No domains shown in overviews when intl is disabled.
#279 – BUG: DNS Management not auto enabled when adding/assigning a zone for an WHMCS domain in the admin area.
#280 – BUG: Wrong IDN assignment due to character conversion.
#281 – BUG: IDN names stored in index in wrong format.
#282 – BUG: Incorrect message returned about applying a template when the zone does not exists.
#283 – BUG: Client side subdomain validation too strict.
#284 – ENHANCEMENT: Client root zone check fails for IDNA.
#286 – BUG: SOA record cannot be edited by admin if allowed by settings.
#287 – ENHANCEMENT: Add Spanish language file.
#294 – BUG: Core config file should not be encoded.
#295 – BUG: Default template head file should not be encoded.