WHMCS PRO v3.18.003 – SoluteDNS Documentation
WHMCS PRO v3.18.002
May 18, 2018
WHMCS PRO v3.18.004
August 8, 2018
Product Release Date
SoluteDNS for WHMCS – Professional Edition 3.18.003.beta June 16th 2018


#288 – ENHANCEMENT: Add Italian language file.
#296 – BUG: Fatal error when visiting client area domain/product details page when not logged in.
#297 – BUG: Nameservers table has incorrect column types.
#298 – BUG: Health icons are shown in overviews when health system is disabled.
#300 – BUG: Custom client area URL does not load resources in client DNS Management page.
#301 – FEATURE: Option to force WHMCS DNS Management page to SoluteDNS DNS Management.
#302 – ENHANCEMENT: Option to use a custom module name.