WHMCS PRO v3.18.006 – SoluteDNS Documentation
WHMCS PRO v3.18.005
September 6, 2018
WHMCS PRO v3.18.007
December 5, 2018
Product Release Date
SoluteDNS for WHMCS – Professional Edition 3.18.006.rc September 24th 2018


#321 – BUG: Not all tables are removed at module deactivation.
#322 – ENHANCEMENT: Auto rectify after enable/disable zone/records.
#323 – BUG: Client area Manage panel title icon not showing.
#324 – BUG: Cron in CLI getting stuck on a Core license error.
#325 – BUG: Help link in admin management page points to Community Edition documentation.
#326 – ENHANCEMENT: Prepare module back-end to allow multiple record rows to be edited at once using the Ajax interface.
#327 – BUG: Client area template records not loading.
#328 – BUG: Back-end add cron task by client area action not storing domain_id.