The following minimum system requirements apply to the SoluteDNS Community Edition. Please note the Community Edition requires the SoluteDNS Core.


In most common setups the nameserver database is an remote database. The host SoluteDNS is installed on must be allowed to access this database otherwise the database connection will be refused. Please refer to the reference manual of the database you are using for troubleshooting.


For DNSsec operations SoluteDNS requires access to SSH of the master nameserver. We recommend to create an new user with limited access. You can limit access to the PowerDNS command line interface pdnssec/pdnsutil. No other functions are called. You may want to configure your firewall to only allow an SSH connection from the host SoluteDNS has been installed on.

  • PHP 5.6 or later
  • PHP Data Object (PDO) Enabled
  • PDO_MYSQL Enabled
  • PHP_cURL Enabled
  • PHP_intl Enabled (for IDN support)
  • MySQL Version 5.2.x or later