The template system allows you to pre-set the zone records which are automatically used for new zones. The default template will always be used unless a product template has been set or the client has an custom template.

Template Tags

In all templates you can use the {domain} tag which is replaced by the zone name. This tag can be used in the name and content fields.

The product templates also allow you to use the {ip} tag. This tag is dynamically replaced by the assigned product IP’s or server IP if available. If multiple IP’s are found multiple records are added from either the assigned or server IP’s. This can be used for A and AAAA record types. When no IP’s can be found no record will be added. If you want to use a fall-back IP address you can use the following format: {ip|}


You don’t have to add SOA and NS records to an template. These records are automatically added when the zone is being created. If you do not want to use the default nameservers as configured you can add a NS record to the template instead. When a NS record exists the default nameservers will not be added during zone creation.

Template Settings

For product templates the template following settings are available:

DNS Product
Use this setting to enable this DNS template for the concerning product. When this product is being ordered a zone will be created using this template.
Force Template
When this product is ordered together with a domain registration a zone is already created for the domain registration. Use this setting to make sure this product template is used instead of the default or client template.