Welcome to the documentation for the SoluteDNS Community Edition for WHMCS addon module. The Community Edition is an open source free to use version but does require the SoluteDNS Core in order to operate.


  • Upload the SoluteDNS pacakge to the: modules/addons directory of your WHMCS installation
  • If you did not download the prepacked version, upload a copy of the SoluteDNS Core to the: modules/addons/solutedns/lib/Core directory. Make sure you do not overwrite the configuration file. Only the Dns and System directories have to be uploaded.
  • Go to the: Setup -> Addon Modules page in your WHMCS admin panel and locate: “SoluteDNS – Community Edition”. Click the “Activate” button to active the module. Please remember to configure access to the admin groups.


  • First go to the: “Nameserver” settings tab and configure your nameserver. When an connection to the nameserver database is established you can add a license key if you have one at the: “System” tab in order to activate your purchased zones.
  • Review the: “Settings” tab and make necessary changes.
  • Create the default template at the: “Template” tab. You can use the drop down menu to select a specified product if you want use a pre-set DNS template when the products is ordered together with an domain. The {domain} tag will be replaced by the zone name to which the template is applied.


  • Menu: SoluteDNS automatically attaches the DNS Management option to the client area domain details page side menu. By default if the registrar module supports DNS management it will use the DNS Management of the supported registrar. You can disable this behavior from the: “Settings” tab in the admin area.

Customized URL's

Using .htaccess you can rewrite the url location used by SoluteDNS to a custom value.

To enable custom URL’s add the following code to your .htaccess file which can be found in the root WHMCS installation directory.

You can change dnsmanager to a value you like to use.

After you have changed the .htaccess file you have to enable customized url’s in SoluteDNS. In the admin area visit the: Settings tab. At the “Rewrite client area URL” field add the chosen name, in the example “dnsmanager” and click “Save Changes”.

Please note if the .htaccess file isn’t set correctly this step will break the client area functionality of SoluteDNS. To disable the rewritten URL’s please leave the “Rewrite client area URL” field empty.

.htaccess Rules:

# SoluteDNS
RewriteRule ^dnsmanager/([0-9]+)([^/]*)$ ./index.php?m=solutedns&id=$1 [L,NC]
RewriteRule ^dnsmanager$ ./index.php?m=solutedns [L,NC]
RewriteRule ^dnsmanager/dologin.php ./dologin.php [L,NC]


index.php?m=solutedns = /dnsmanager
index.php?m=solutedns&id=10 = /dnsmanager/10