WHMCS PRO v3.18.001
May 7, 2018
WHMCS PRO v3.18.002
May 18, 2018
Product Release Date
SoluteDNS for WHMCS – Community Edition 0.18.001.beta May 16th 2018


# ENHANCEMENT: Updated SoluteDNS Core: v0.18.001
# ENHANCEMENT: Unused language variable removed.
# ENHANCEMENT: Hide empty non-terminals in records overview.
# ENHANCEMENT: Language correction.
# ENHANCEMENT: Hide sidebar/header when not logged in.
# BUG: SOA record cannot be edited by admin if allowed by settings.
# BUG: SOA record enabled when shown to client while it should be disabled.
# BUG: Client can’t edit records: record type cannot be empty.
# BUG: Several conversion errors in global_validation language variables.
# BUG: Custom URL incorrect conversion.
# ENHANCEMENT: Removed some unused/duplicate code.
# BUG: Wrong language variable called add should be edit record.